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Straight Razor - Blade Holder

A high value man only deserves the best in class when it comes to grooming accessories. The KRWN Straight Razor and holder will help you maintain the sharpness of your beard like the king that you are. Locally made and designed in Montreal, its ergonomics will help you shave, trim and style your beard. Perfect for achieving that barbers crispness in between your next visit.

Result: Clean & Soft Skin

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How to use it

Begin by practicing on a balloon with some shaving gel,then moving on to shaving the hairs on your knee as it replicates shaving the chin, which is the most difficult part to shave on someones face. Once you feel comfortable, then move to your face keeping the blade at a 45 degree angle and using small movements.

Tips from the barber

*Use at your own risk, KRWN is not liable for any self-inflicted injuries from the misuse of our razors.*