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Double Edged Razor Blades | Pack of 5

Being prepared for anything is not just a saying but a way of life for you. You’re the person your friends turn to for advice, counsel, calmness and courage. It’s only natural for that attitude to seep through into your grooming products. With the KRWN double-edged razor blades, you never need to worry about dealing with dull or worn out blades ever again. Coming in packages of 5, and made of the finest stainless steel, these blades are compatible with all types of blade holders allowing you to always style, shape, shave and trim your beard anytime, anyplace.

Result: Clean and Soft Skin

Format: Pack of 5

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How to use it

Take one of the individually wrapped blades out of the 5pack box. DO NOT unwrap it from its paper packaging. First, fold it in 2 to break the blade in half, then take one half out of the paper package and place it onto the small "latches" of KRWN's blade holder. You can use them on any blade holder and also on traditional razors without breaking them in two’s.

Tips from the barber

*Use at your own risk, KRWN is not liable for any self-inflicted injuries from the misuse of our razors*