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Shave Gel

Staying consistent in giving men a robust, high quality grooming experience, the KRWN shaving gel is part of the Original Collection, which means you get that classic rich and subtle citrus and sweet tobacco scent found in the other products in the Original line. Additionally, the shaving gel is also part of the KRWN Pro collection providing barbers with the ability to remain precise with your line up, as the gel is transparent and perfect for moisturizing your face and smoothening your beard when shaving.

Containing the classic Original scent of subtle citrus and sweet tobacco, the KRWN shaving gel is perfect for moisturizing the skin and smoothening the beard before and during a shave.

Use a small amount in hand and apply to the face before shaving with your straight razor. *Before using a straight razor on yourself, be sure to practice first on a balloon, then your knee to avoid serious injury*

Ideally used to a more precise shave without drying or irritating the skin. Only use with razors if you know what you are doing, otherwise allow trained barbers to shave you properly.