Clay Powder

This incredible product will change your life. Made in Montreal, designed and created by barbers, this styling powder is going to give the volume and texture you have always dreamed of MINUS the feeling of having too much product in your hair. Easy to use, easy to wash. The most natural looking and satisfying product we've made so far

* Vegan. Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

Format: 7g

How to use it

Sprinkle on dry hair and just mess it all up with your fingers. Then use a large comb or your fingers to style it the way you want to.

Tips from the barber

Make sure you dry your hair before and also don't put too much at a time, it is a dry product so it means that you can apply progressively until you have the right amount.

Keys Ingredients
  • Clay

Vegan. Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

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Clay Powder – KRWN Professional