Tonic Spray

This PVP-based tonic spray is free of alcohol and will give you a light hold with a thickening effect for a super natural look. Use as a pomade primer for maximum style.

* Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

Format: 250ml

How to use it

Spray on damp or dry hair and use a blowdryer to achieve your desired look. Use it alone or with another pomade, but definitely not in your gin.

Tips from the barber

To get the best out of your hair, use our Tonic Spray before applying the pomade. This product will increase the effectiveness of your pomade. Spray it on damp hair. Blowdry your hair until you reach the desired style. And add the pomade or wax to fix everything!

Keys Ingredients
  • Panthenol
  • Aloe vera
  • Vitamin acetate
  • Fragrance

Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

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