Sea Salt Spray

Formulated from actual Atlantic Sea salt, this product and its refreshing scent will give you incredible thickness and hold. Just like after spending a day at the beach.

It absorbs all the natural oils in your hair and the Atlantic Sea Salt that it contains opens up your hair scales to give the perfect texture to your hair.

Format: 120ml

How to use it

Spray on damp or dry hair and let dry naturally. Apply when sipping a Piña Colada on the beach for optimal results.

Tips from the barber

To get the best out of your beachy wave, use our Sea Salt Spray. This product will open up your hair scale and make it thicker. Spray it on damp hair. Blow-dry your hair or let it dry naturally until you reach the desired style. For maximum effectiveness, add the Classic Wax to fix everything in place and enjoy your beach look.

Keys Ingredients
  • Maris Sal (Sea salt)

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