Original Pomade

This water-based pomade will provide a medium hold with medium to no shine. Washes out easily with water, no shampoo necessary. You can achieve a vintage look with a strong hold and it's easy to wash!

* Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

Format: 120g

How to use it

Rub the equivalent of a beer carp between your hands and apply evenly on damp or dry hair. Comb through your hair or use your fingers to achieve the desired look.

Tips from the barber

To get the best out of this pomade, start by using our Tonic Spray on damp hair. Blow dry the hair to the desired style. Apply the pomade with your finger and use a comb to spread the pomade evenly through the final style.

Keys Ingredients
  • Castor oil
  • Fragrance

Paraben, Sulfates & gluten free

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Original Pomade – KRWN Professional