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5 Tips To Help You Maximize Your Holiday Rush

December 06, 2021 4 min read

5 Tips To Help You Maximize Your Holiday Rush

  1. Extra hours
  2. Stack up
  3. Gift Ideas & Gift Cards
  4. It’s all about love
  5. Roll up your sleeves


    Before I share my tips with you, let me tell you how my first holiday season as a new barbershop owner started. It is when I actually realized that my company had potential.

    I was living in Toronto and temporarily came back home to help my brother open up a shop in Québec. Back then, the shop was focused on him and his tattoo art. The eventual thought of having barbers in the shop was my idea, but I thought I’d just hire people to help pay the bills and then move back to Toronto. Which did happen, and worked well, until it didn’t.

    A few months after opening, and right before the holiday rush started, the only barber I had working decided to get up and leave to move someplace else. So, I basically forced my non-french speaking girlfriend to spend the holidays on french Canadian soil so I wouldn't leave my brother alone with the business.

    On December 26th 2014, after being open for nearly 4 months and basically giving up on the barber concept, I decided to go into the shop. I thought that if anyone actually showed, I'd at least let them know that they’d lost their barber.

    I got there at around 11:00am and some guy was waiting in his car. I immediately recognized him, and knew who he was -  I remember feeling so embarrassed. The next thing you know, I’m in the shop, cutting his hair! I knew the basics and he had asked for a simple skin fade so I was comfortable… until the next 2 guys came in, then I knew I was about to get myself into something else. 

    14 clients, 8 hours, and $500 later, even though I thought everyone would think that I was a crazy bastard, I made the decision to stay in Quebec, take a chance, and build a business.

    Ever since then, I believe I have mastered how to make the most of the holiday season and the madness that comes with it so you can maximize your income and have the most fun while doing it. 

    Extra hours

    When it comes to booking a haircut with their barbers for the holidays, I find that most people are all of a sudden, very organized. They will book up to two months in advance and all around the same dates; between December 20th and 30th.

    Make sure you are prepared ahead and add special extended hours to your booking schedule around these dates so that you don’t lose a client to the competition because they have more available. Hold on to at least one barber on a regular schedule and open it up closer to the holidays so that you can promote new openings last minute (you can even charge more for those). 

    Stack up

    Year around, we expect our barbers to sell products at an average of 20% of their income. During the holidays, we have seen up to a 200% increase in some shops.

    Create promotions, feel your clients' needs, and give your barbers an incentive. Stack up on inventory, you never know when your promotions will hit and the last thing you want is to run out of products to sell. Worst case scenario, you’ll have stock for the new year. 

    (Make sure you negotiate with your suppliers for volume or extraordinary holiday discounts, that way you never lose - this is where I make your life easier and drop10% OFF everything KRWN Pro with this code «READERSGIFT».

    Gift Ideas & Gift Cards

    It’s only been a few years since we have realized that the holiday season could be more than regular haircuts and selling products on steroids. This season of overconsumption and spending money like it is going out of style, is a true opportunity for all shop owners to double or triple their average customer bills.

    Your client WILL be spending money this month buying tons of gifts for other people. Make sure you have gift boxes or baskets, and gift cards ready to sell. Their girlfriends, parents, kids, friends, colleagues, everyone around them will come and buy your gift box or a gift card if you advertise it properly.

    It’s all about love

    Show love and appreciation to your team. Your employees work hard all year to make a living for themselves and they know that they are contributing to helping you make a living. Make sure you give back to them and show your appreciation. Treat them to drinks & dinner or maybe a chalet retreat just before the holidays, this will build strong bonds between everyone on your team and motivate them to exceed their targets.

    Roll up your sleeves

    You can never set a better example than by working long hours, and taking the pain of standing straight for 10 days without a break yourself. Show that you still got it, show that you understand them and that you expect them to do it only because you are doing it. Have fun and go and remind yourself where you started, and why you made that decision of starting this business in the first place.

    Happy Holidays, you crazy bastard.